January 2, 2010

Watched 3 Idiots yesterday, liked it as I could co-relate our mad days at our Engineering College. I remembered that we used to be in vicious circle of attendance, Labs, Journals, Viva, Weekly Tests, must-visits to Canteen, Gym & Hostel, GTs, and so on....But more than that the messages it gave very clearly, I felt them more important. I read some blogs & opinions on this movie but failed to understand that some people, talented they are in their fields, could not get the simple straight message. The simple message was "Don't race, Don't mug, Learn" & "Do what your hearts tells you to do". With that perspective, I think there was only one idiot & not three idiots and not one message but many messages.

Race : The movie is sure critical about the education system where the learning should be provided, but our kids are already in race of scoring marks and it starts not at adolescent age but right in the primitive stage. We simply push our kids in that race with the warning that Prof Vinu sahastrabudhhe gave, "if you don't push to win, you loose...run in this race to go ahead of others....you will be winner only if you are first, the second winner is not a winner" and this race continues life long, unfortunate but true. Last 2-3 years, i am closely watching the Italian culture, and really I never felt this race here, obviously because resources are plenty and men less. But what is alarming is that race is becoming mantra in India.

Heart : The other important message in my opinion was 'Do what your heart tells you to do'. I was not comfortable during my last days in L&T, thoughts of resignations coming over again & again, but middle-class mentality was dragging back from my decision, I was not able to make any decision, that time I attended one seminar where I got the same message from the speaker, the second day I resigned. The underlined message is that you become successful, earn fame and money if you are working in the same area of your liking.

Success : The other important message was 'Run after excellence, success will follow you' is true beyond doubt. Try to be excellent in your area which of course requires thirst for knowledge, dedication, commitment, but success follows excellence. The people may be successful without excellence, but it does not last, I believe it firmly. Above all, the satisfaction you get from your excellence is pure and long-lasting, even if you are not successful.

Attitude : Fair & frank attitude wins you everything. The interview scene in movie is true reflection. I believe that the nature supports fair and frank attitude and brings good waves around you, which in turn makes you happy at core.

All is well : Finally these words is the core message. I appreciate the way this message is passed and it is the need of an hour to build in this confidence in all those who are at suffering end in daily life, which would bring the change in one's personality.

About the controversy : Bollywood is no less than don and mafia world. I observed that the producers are behaving against their messages and are not fair and frank when it comes to giving story credit. If the story is based on 'Five point something' then they should give due credit to Chetan Bhagat & put the names of Joshi & Hirani as adapters or screen-play writers. But bollywood is full of characters and they show their culture. I appreciate stand taken by Chetan Bhagat, to leave it to them to take decision by appealing to their consciousness. But the bottomline is both the movie and controversy is full of messages to follow.


हेरंब ओक said...

Very well written. Many people miss to get these simple take-aways from this movie.

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