July 17, 2009

Since the time the schools have had their summer vacations, we have started frequenting to children parks in Udine. There are many children parks in and around but hardly any children in the parks. And most of the children who come to these parks are non-Italians, that brings a question to our mind, how and where Italian children are occupied in these vacations. Summer vacations are long in Italy almost 3 months. And as I know, most of the parents prefer summer camps which is like baby-sitting arrangement on monthly fee basis. May be the kids spent rest of the vacation on tourist spots, mostly beaches.
The parks are really soothing to eyes. Spread over more than acre, they have green lush soft grass allover, with walking & cycling tracks along border and seating benches every where. Children play area with jumping boards, swings etc at one corner which has soft asbestos tiles to prevent any injury if someone falls. Basket ball area, hide and seek area, foot-ball area, adventure-climbing area in different corners.
Surprisingly, you will also find cafeteria in the park, where parents sit, chat & sip coffee or wine while their kids are engaged.
We came to know about a novel scheme Udine municipal commune has for kids in summer vacation. They have a bus, called ludobus, full of toys, puzzles and different creative or challenging games. The volunteers take this bus to different park each day. The time-table is displayed at all schools, libraries, kids-shops, notice-boards. The toys and games are spread on tables or ground for kids to enjoy. Volunteers help them understand the new game or to master any activity like walking with long sticks, or help kids learn to solve the puzzles. The Ludobus has special theme everyday in addition to games and toys, someday it is creative laboratory, like handicrafts, the other day it will be learning circus tricks or some other day it will be water-games.


Heramb Oak (हेरंब ओक) said...

hey.. nice reading ur blogs and nice speaking wid u the other day.. BTW, watsup wid date 17? I saw all ur blogs written on 17the day of month. is that ur fav day or something? :)

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