November 15, 2005

My mail
Today comes everyday & tomorrow never comes.
But, still tomorrow - 15th November - is my last day in this wonderful organisation.

Each one of you have become part of my life by one way or the other. The gratitude is beyond words hence let me keep these words with me. I loved every moment here & learnt a lot from each one of you. Request you to go thr' the attachment, the presentation I liked most.

I will like your nice words for me by a return mail which I will treasure with me forever & with which I will cherish your memories.

As the world is small & round, hope to meet you. I will always be available if you need my gesture in future. .... forever
91-22-56256716 [Resi] &
91-22-9821637498 [Mobile] .... tilll 15th Dec'05 & then after 15-12-2006

Regards !
UBB/2247 – 2430

UB, The truth be told, one of your colleagues came to me and requested me for a little discussion. He told me to ask you to stay back, because, and these are his words, " If good people leave L&T, how L&T will remain a great place." I told him that Bagwes have to leave, in their search of truth. It is important to attract a thousand other Bagwes by our good behaviour and qualities. AND ensure that the Bagwe who left remains our Ambassador of goodwill. Wish you greater ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As I told earlier, you can use a lifeline 982 123 7798 to talk to nk anytime ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Good bye is considered to be the last "bye". It is not "goodbye" for us. We'll keep contact. Thru Emails or what ever means available.
I am sorry I could not meet you before you left. I've resumed duties yesterday after the surgery of "Implants Removal".
How are you feeling now a days? Relieved!!!!! just taking the breath to start new Venture?
I also liked the "Flight" presentation. Can you take me in your team???

>>> vinod bhosle 11/15/05 2:56 PM >>>
Dear Unmesh,
It is a great loss to our organization perticularly HED, that a person like you is leaving. I have never seen a person like you who is so co-operative, helpful, knowledgeable & working with positive attitude; in this organization.
The one thing which I like most about you is that; your respect for other peopel of whatever grade including a sweeper & you had never said NO to anybody for whatever help people have asked for. I am also very much impressed by little knowing about your social life. Hope you will continue this in future. I always talk about you with my wife & with encouragement from you we have started to share some of our earnings for poor & needy children around us. Kindly give me more details of such organizations, I will phone you at home. Love to see you again somewhere & ALL THE BEST !!!
With Warm Regards,

>>> ANIL PARAB 11/14/05 4:04 PM >>>
Dear Unmesh, I am very sad that you are leaving L&T team. However I am happy that you are leaving us for better prospects. I am sure you will make all of us very proud on your future successes and achievements .
I will be the happiest leader, when I keep hearing about your advancements in your career. Whenever you feel lonely /homesick do write to us. As we discussed today, constantly focus on building your knowledge base & competencies. I wish you and your family all the best in future. Best Regards. Anil V.Parab

>>> Abhijit BHANDARKAR 11/14/05 2:55 PM >>>
Dear Bagwe, I have always observed that you do things differently, same is evident in ur goodbye e-mail....although i could never interact with you on the job...but heard a lot about you....hope to interact with u some day as mentioned in ur mail "the world is small & round" my best wishes.....along with return gift (see attachment)
Abhijit. 9892459551

>>> VIKRANT SHARMA 11/14/05 3:01 PM >>>
There is a mixed reaction to your mail. Firstly it makes me very happy that you are going for your bright future. I want to wish you good luck & will pray to God for your success in future life. Secondly at the same time i am also disappointed that a person like you is leaving L&T. When i joined L&T some 6 & 1/2 years back & after seeing good people like you it was easy for me to decide to build my career in L&T. Anyway pl keep in touch..
Regards, Vikrant Sharma
022-55992592 ( Res ) 9892179808 ( Mob )

>>> MINANATH DHASKE 11/16/2005 4:18 PM >>>
Hi Bagwe,
First of all I am very sorry to be late to respond to your call. I was bit confused to describe so many things in few words.. infact many of them cannot be captured in words.
In my professional life I have interacted very few people who work with ethics. You are one of them.
As far as my tenure along with heavy shop as a Six sigma Team leader and Purchase fellow is concerned, I enjoyed it most because of the people like you.
I was opposing the job in shop becasue i didnt like the way of working there. But the people like AVP and you have changed my concept. I was surprised to see such a sober people on shop floor running the shop.
I have never seen you excited, angry. You are a good decision maker, planner and a good team player.
In short your exit is great loss to PC2 and in turn to HED. Change is the way of life. I personally believe in changing either me or the envronment I work, thats why you can see me in New area every 2 years. So I wish you a great succes for this "change"...

>>> Sajiv Chakrat 11/14/05 3:52 PM >>>
Dear umesh , Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors. I don't know if you remember , but when I had newly joined in 1997, and you were second shift incharge in 3326 , you were one of the first person's to put me at ease with the new job and environment .At that time I knew you were one person whom I could look forward for advise in trying situations. Thanking you for all your co-operation and guidance.
Warm regards, Sajiv HEW Toolcrib.
E-Mail =

>>> NAGARAJ PATHAK 11/14/05 4:03 PM >>>
My Dear friend , It is one more sad day for me as I, am loosing one more good friend in this organisation . But one can not stop destiny it has to be that way. One hard fact , i have relaised in life is " Out of sight is out of Mind " but definatly it will not be in your case . Days we spent to gether will always be sweet memories. Wherever you go what ever you do wish you all the best . You can bank on us when ever you want .
Presentation you sent was extrodinary . Life is lovely dark & deep But we have promises to keep. Long to go before you sleep. Long to go before you sleep.
Regards. N.G Pathak.

>>> Ajit Panditrao 11/14/05 4:07 PM >>>
Dear Unmesh, I do not have words to express the joy we had working together esp in scheduling . Without becoming formal I must admit that we wll will surely miss you. If I have to emulate one single Quality ( which is very rare ) from u , it is Positive outlook towards work & life.
Wish u best luck in all the assignments you take in ur life.

>>> Shyamal Roy 11/14/05 4:10 PM >>>
My Dear Umesh, I had told you earlier that you are my one of my few freind in L&T with whom I had never experienced bad relation in any time.I will miss you my dear freind. Wish you a very Bright, Prosperous , Happy future.
S.K.Roy UT section

>>> Alwine Pais 11/15/05 11:41 AM >>>
Dear Bagwe, I have enjoyed working with you throughout these years . I considered you one among the few who always think possitively. We will be missing you immensly. But no one should prevent any one from his future prospects. Wishing you all the very best in your future endeavour.
With best regards and wishes, Alwine Pais

>>> SS IYER 11/15/05 12:31 PM >>>
Dear Mr.Bagwe, I have several pleasant memories of our interactions during 'War Room' meetings, Friday CCPM meetings and job progress review meetings. Though we have interacted for only a few months , I had come to look upon you as a person who had a very clear understanding whether of jobs or CCPM intricacies. You clarity of thought, precise presentation, pleasant disposition and positive attitude always added value to our interactions. It is unfortunate that we will not be having your company in the days to come. Life however moves on.

>>> P BHISE 11/14/05 4:17 PM >>>
Dear Friend, Kindly find time to go through the attachment showing more clear picture of a friend circle which is also applicable to us. Best of luck & wish you bright future.
Warm regards, P.P.Bhise

>>> Gregory Almeida 11/14/05 4:19 PM >>>
Dear Bagwe, I appriciate your vote of thanks and inspiring presentation - That's from a real leader - You are like the leading goose in your presentation - You will never get tired nor look back.
Wish you all the best !
Regards, G.P.Almeida
Larsen & Toubro Limited, Heavy Engineering Division (FPEX/NB-6),
Mumbai-400 072, India. Phone : +91 22 5505 2553 Fax : +91 22 5505 1319
E-mail : Web site :

>>> Raju Iyer 11/16/2005 1:35 PM >>>
Best wishes for your future endeavours.

>>> Pritam Singh 11/15/2005 9:13 PM >>>
Dear, Bagwe ji,
I m very sorry that i could not meet u at ur farewell party... but my best wishes are always with u...
all the very best for ur future... it is a very nice presentation...
i feel very unlucky that i could not learn much from u...
plz do keep in touch...
i would like to know from u my areas of improvements...
what should i do for my further studies...
plz do reply...

>>> Vijay Israni 11/15/05 3:50 PM >>>
Dear Umesh,
Today comes everyday & tomorrow never comes.
But it is tomorrow, in the hope of which we live,
that it will be better then yesterday & will fulfill all our desires.
May almighty God fulfill all your wishes & give you everything which
will make you happy & successful.
with all the best wishes
Vijay Israni.

Dear Bagve-
Extremely sorry for the delay in my response since I was out ofstation. Thanks & I wish you all the best.
Ramesh D. Marathe
Chief Project Manager, Nuclear Power Projects
Tel No. 022-55052537

>>> Ashok Kawade 11/15/05 3:26 PM >>>
Very good presentation ! It seems that it is very well matching with your plans.
A T Kawade
Extn - 3689.

All the best for your future endeavors..
Regards, Prakash Shinde
Tel. 56948434
Inspiring one ----->

>>> Sharad Moghe 11/15/05 2:29 PM >>>
I wish you a happy, healthy, safe and prosporous bright future . pl .remember me if possible, & try to be in contact with me, of course if possible.
thanks, & regards,

Dear Bagwe.
Good luck and God Bless.
The presentation you had sent was excellent.

>>> Mukundan Nair 11/14/05 2:52 PM >>>

>>> A Ravindrareddy 11/14/05 2:54 PM >>>
Dear Bagwe,
with your enthusiasm and expertise , i wish you a very bright future.

>>> Sadanand RAMANE 11/14/05 2:54 PM >>>
Wish you Best of Luck for today as well as for tommorrow.

>>> SR RAMANUJAM 11/14/05 2:59 PM >>>
if the presentation is the case where are you going alone?

>>> Ashok ASODARIYA 11/14/05 3:00 PM >>>
Dear sir;
Wish you all the best for your future, it was really a nice learning by working with you.
I have experienced you very kind and helpful & guide to juniors always.
The presentation is a live example of it,
see you,

>>> Krishnan Sivaraman 11/14/05 3:03 PM >>>
Dear Bagwe
The PPT attached is excellent.
Do keep up your hard work and u will attain everything in your life. We are defenitely going to miss you. Do add my contact details in your diary. You can contact me in case of any requirement.
Thanks & All the best Again
: 022-39451572 (R)

>>> Bithika Basu 11/14/05 3:03 PM >>>
Dear Bagwe,
Wish you all the very best for your future challenges.
Good luck and regards

>>> pj bhounsule 11/14/05 3:04 PM >>>
Dear Bagwe,
Wish you allthe Best. As you yourself have mentioned, world is small and round and I am sure, there will be occasions when we will bump in
Best Regards.

>>> Vivek SOANS 11/14/05 3:05 PM >>>
Dear Bagve,
I am not replying because you have mentioned it, but i would have done even if you had not asked.
I have very high respect for you not only because of your commitment in whatever you did but also for you pleasing manner. Even when you said no (sometimes) for some work, it has never hurt me, because of your straight forward way.
I will definately miss you, but as you said the world is small and round and so ........ till the next time we meet.
By the way, the presentation what you attached is very good.

>>> Kiran ARNALKAR 11/14/05 3:06 PM >>>
all the best to u.
Kiron Arnalkar
RING-5505 3481

>>> Dilip Gandhi 11/14/05 3:14 PM >>>
Good Luck for Bright Future.
Warm Regards.
D B Gandhi.

>>> Dhananjay Bajpeyee 11/14/05 3:17 PM >>>
Dear Bagwe
Congrtulations to you for getting a better opportunity. I wish you Best of Luck for your future assignments.
The presentaiton was really very nice I hope some day people in L&T will start team work like this.

>>> Anand g 11/14/05 3:23 PM >>>
Thank you Bagwe.
Nice to see your mail.
Though we came to know each other recently, I always find you charming. Good, keep it up. It makes difference.
My best wishes to you on your new assignment.
With lots of good wishes.

>>> gurmeet mehta 11/14/05 3:30 PM >>>
I have confidence that you will reach to top in all respects of life (profession & Personal) & your power point presentation is well taken by all the concerned.
All the BEst for Future & keep up with this attitude of Trying to do best possible & co-operation.

>>> PRADEEP BERDE 11/14/05 3:30 PM >>>
I can only say " All The Best " and b in touch...always

>>> Satish REGE 11/14/05 3:33 PM >>>
Dear Unmesh,
I really shared very good friendship with you during last 5 years & sure to continue the same in future. Whatever your plans are, I wish you best luck. It is really difficult to accept that you will not be part of
this organisation from day after tomorrow but fact remains. Frankly speaking I do not have words to express my emotions but can tell you it is a mixed feeling i.e. happy because you are getting an opportunity to materialise your plans & sad because missing a friend with whom I used to share problems to make the mind clear.
Wish you all the best again & be in touch. Feel free to contact me at my residence & do visit my house whenever convinient.
Satish Rege

>>> Chetan Trivedi 11/14/05 3:35 PM >>>
Though it sounds difficult to digest that you are leaving .
However once a deision is made I extend whole hearted wishes for your success .
Please feel free to get in touch whenever needed or even to exchange a HELLO .
Once again all the very best .
9870108573 .

>>> SURESH V 11/14/05 3:38 PM >>>
Hi Bagwe,
All the very best for your future endeavor.
Your one of the very few people from shop floor who is straight forwarded, amicable and confident. I strongly feel that these qualities will take you to greater heights in your near future.
Once again all the very best Bagwe. You can be in touch with me on my
personal id
With regards
V Suresh

>>> Melissa Nogueira 11/14/05 3:49 PM >>>
All the best to you in your future assignments.... It was really nice knowing you and working with you.... Pl do keep in touch.....

>>> s KRISHNAKUMAR 11/14/05 3:51 PM >>>
All the best, Unmesh.

>>> Narendra Patwardhan 11/14/05 4:22 PM >>>
Dear Unmesh,
Wish you all the best for your future endeavors.
Take care.

>>> Gopal PURI 11/14/05 4:27 PM >>>
All the best for a plesant, progresive prosperous and peacfull life further.

>>> Aditya NAYAGAONKAR 11/14/05 4:29 PM >>>
It was a pleasure to work with you,we had come accross so many times for some or the other work,had minor hassels also only regarding the perticular job.
Now the moment you are saying goodbye,I could really feel the punch of missing the person like you.
I had thought of meeting with you on any musical eve/night arranged privately.
Anyway best of luck for your future and the descision you have take may always give you path of success the way you want.Any time feel free to contact.
Thanks and warm regards.
Aditya Nayagaonkar.

>>> Shridhar Panada 11/14/05 4:37 PM >>>
All the best for your Future Carrer

>>> Ketan Padalkar 11/14/05 4:47 PM >>>
Dear Bagwe ,
You have end your present inning in the Larsen & Toubro with a six . What a marvellaus finish. It was indeed my pleasure to work with you. Wishing you always best in your future endevour. Request you to be in touch.

>>> Ramakant YADAV 11/14/05 4:50 PM >>>
Dear Bagwe
Wish you all the best ........ keep in touch.
Residence : 022-56059747
Mobile : 9892470730

>>> Rakesh PARIKH 11/14/05 4:57 PM >>>
Udte raho vishal gagan me .
Chute raho unchaio ko.
Karwa gujar gaya , gubbar dekhte rahe or rahege .
MFS-1 Team.

>>> ANAND M SHINDE 11/14/05 4:59 PM >>>
All the very best to you Bagwe saheb.
I have a few words to say,we have interacted on a very few occasions but whenever we had ,I always recd a positive response being a relatively new person your gesture kept me in good spirits.
Thanx a lot.
resi- 5804528.

>>> Vijay Limaye 11/14/05 5:03 PM >>>
All the best in your future assignment !
World is round & we will meet again some time or the other.
Wish you & your family a good luck !

>>> harshad SOMANI 11/14/05 5:43 PM >>>
but you are moving in winter. !!!
all the best.

>>> Prakash KAMAT 11/14/05 6:03 PM >>>
Dear Unmesh,
First of all I wish you best of luck for your future assignments.
Please believe me we are going to miss you a lot in both official as well as personnel level as you have always been so co-operative to everybody, everytime.
There are always both sweet and bitter things at any place.
I request you to carry sweet ones with you.
I am happy that you have still kept the attachment which I had sent to you earlier.
All the best.
Prakash R. Kamat

>>> V Sasidhar 11/14/05 6:32 PM >>>
Dear Bagwe,
It is hard to believe that you are leaving L&T.
I like you for your honesty and simplicity. I found you helpful whenever I needed from you. Please accept my thanks and I wish you great success in all your future endeavours.
warm regards

>>> MAHESH A TALWADEKAR 11/14/05 6:46 PM >>>
Dear Bagwe,
I read the lesson. Lesson was very good & we all must think in that direction. By the way good luck for your future assignment. I hope that we will meet again because world is very small & round .
Good bye . Best of luck.
Thanking you

>>> DEVIDAS KULUR 11/14/05 7:31 PM >>>
Dear Sir,
I realize the fact that i've been with you for a very short time, but i think even in this short time you were on the verge to be a great mentor to me but unfortunately or might be my hard luck that you are leaving this organisation. i would luv to thank you personally for your kind support for me.
wish you a great life and a great success on the road ahead.
with love and fedelity,
Devidas K

>>> Pravin PANHALE 11/14/05 10:32 PM >>>
Dear Bagwe
Some people brings happiness wherever they go. You are from that category. It was always nice to interact with you , whichever be the subject. I am sure in which ever organisation you go nobody will be able to ignore your talent, hubleness & hard working. All these things have fascinated me & inspired. I would like to wish & your family a goodluck.
All the best & keep in touch.
Pravin Panhale

>>> MOHIT GOLUI 11/15/05 7:55 AM >>>
Take care & best of luck . Make INDIA & L&T proud in a foreign land. Thanks for all the good things u have taught us, which will help us in becoming a good human-being.
Once again thank you .

>>> subodh kulkarni 11/15/05 8:15 AM >>>
Wish you all the best !
Keep in touch.

>>> DHARMESH R MAHANT 11/15/05 8:26 AM >>>
Wish you all the best. I'll be more delighted if we could have met personally. We'll definately meet some time.
The attachment was wonderful.
D R Mahant.

Dear Mr Bagwe,
I wish you all the success and good health and wealth in your new assignment.

>>> 11/15/05 8:57 AM >>>
Safety Dept.

>>> 11/15/05 9:20 AM >>>
Dear Mr. Bagwe
It is indeed a great lesson to learn from the Geese for their unity, helping nature. Similar is undoubtedly true in L&T.
Wishing you A very happy, prosperous & peaceful second inning.
V.B. Shitole

>>> ABHIJEET DESAI 11/15/05 10:51 AM >>>
Dear Sir,
It was pleasure to be associated with you for a smaller time span ,still the period was really co-operative and many of the times helpfull. Wishing you from bottom of the heart a wonderfull and creative time ahead for your future plans and pink health all the years to come.

>>> Shivraj Shetty 11/15/05 10:51 AM >>>
Dear Bagwe,
Wish you a very best of good fortune.
S L Shetty

>>> Sushil PARAB 11/15/05 11:20 AM >>>
Hearty Congratulations ! I wish you all success and further growth in future.
Best regards
Sushil Parab

>>> Rajgopal PAI 11/15/05 12:45 PM >>>
Dear friends
Due to heavy response, the function cannot be accomodated in H1 Conference Hall ..
Hence the Venue is changed to
4th Floor Auditorium,
B Wing, EPC Block,
Timing for the Function remains unchanged (4:00 PM )
Kindly make a note of it & make yourself available for the function ...
--- Rajgopal Pai

>>> pm VAISHNAV 11/15/05 1:22 PM >>>
Though L&T is loosing a good valuable person, i wish you all the best in yr new job . i believe you are going to Gulf & as i have been traveling in Gulf in the past, pl feel free if you need any help from my
side . if you have any questions, i will be able to reduce yr worry.
my contact 98212-37756.
good luck & god bless you
L&T being first love will always be in yr heart but good to see outside world which is very exciting

Mukunda Rao
may u be blessed with all the goodies in the world.
keep smiling & the world will smile with u.
all the very best in your new endeavours.
Sanjay Sharma
i have personnally had a very good working relationship with you and will always remember the good times we have had by way of a good tranparent working relationship.
i wish you all the best.
pl dont hesitate to talk to for any help in future.
all the best.

A P Chonkar


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