August 25, 2007

Today, I complete one more mission in my life. I had never thought of it in recent past that I will do something of this sort. When I wanted to leave L&T, my friend Chavan offered me one assignment, Will you go to Italy. It was an usual job offer, but it turned out to be my mission. I was to lead a team of welders to one comapny in Italy. This was the first time that some Indian welders (or workers or technicians) were going to get employed in Italy. This was the opportunity as business for Fabtech, also an opportunity for Indians to earn more in a very different atmosphere, demanding working culture. For me, it became a responsibility to prove Indian capabilities, for I thought if I prove, it opens door for a few Indians, doors of employment, doors of more income, doors of prosperity.
I accepted a challenge, stayed away from loving family for 6 months last year & We could make good impression, first impression. In fact the company management was not happy with the attitude of the workers in the first batch, but they were very happy with my knowledge, dedication & integrity. They accorded us a second chance.
I travelled two months back with 10 workers, this time young, enthu, energetic, with multi-skills, this selection was a very good move by Chavan, who read situation & management demands very clearly. We won the half battle there. I faced a lot of problems in shop to make the guys understand the job responsibilities, requirements here. I was overworked with my role to accomplish the targets. First two months were very crucial as the acceptance was to be decided after 2 months. I worked very hard, played my moves time & again.
And yesterday, We got clearance to bring 20 more welders from India. With that we will have highest number of people compared to other competatitive Hungarian contractors.
Now, more Indians will come to work here, earn here & elevate their life-style also.
Now, we are reaching to many more organisations & will try to employ more & more Indians.


Patty said...

People should read this.

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