August 17, 2009

August is a very different month here in Italy. There is a lot fun around because of holiday mood. Not only the schools have summer vacation but all the companies, shops, self-employed, almost everybody is on vcation (atleast for 15 days) in August. People just move out of home, visit places, beaches, tourist spots. A lot of people are on bi-cycles in city but also many take bicycle tours to nearby spot. For us, we were shocked when we got invitation to attend Independance Day celebration in Udine, Italy.

On 15th August, many Indians gathered in a nearby church to salute the tri-colour. Our big-size Indian flag was hosted by a 85-years old lady and father of the church. It was followed by Vande-mataram sung by sweet girl and Jan-Gan-Man sung by all. Ms. sundari who organised this event explained the meaning of both songs in Italian to all who had been present there which also included a group of Italians. This was followed by a small procession from ground to the church, and then followed by a small service in the church where the father congratulated all Indians. We were then treated with good Indian dishes prepared by Ms Sundari and her team. Apurvai & Kabir and also Jui won prizes in sports event which was then followed.

The function was very well organised by Ms. Sunadri (who hails from Andhra, a good orator in English & Italian both) who is very pleasant and helpful person staying here for more than 12 years, but to my dis-may was not very well attended as I could see only 40 odd Indians out of 200 strong Indian community in Udine. Mr Joseph, who hails from Chennai, staying here for more that 12 years, was the successful planner of the event who managed the place and other support.


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At local level, I am secretary of an innovative organisation, Thane Matdata Jagran Abhiyan


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