January 13, 2011

As a change-initiative, I do help social organisations build their websites, free of cost of course ! You can get a glimpse of such websites built by me.

My Mission : Free Websites for NGOs / Social Organisations ….

If you are working for some NGO / Social Organisation, this message is for you….If you do want to create home-page / web-site for your organisation but you do not have budget, you do not have expertise, you do not know how to go about, I can help you.

Contact me if you want to reach more & more people … It is simple, cost-effective and you need not worry to update the content on your web-site. I will train you and you will be able to operate it on your own after 4-hrs training. You will update the photos, notices, programme-invitations, programme-reports etc etc on your own. No need to depend on some external agency to update your site. Your site can store a lot of data including your photos, presentations & other files and people or your members can use it, upload it or see it.

Yes ! your site can be interactive with anybody becoming member and participating in discussions, forums or members even can upload content...anything, any functionality you want can be added in these sites.

Click on the following links to see how some organisations are maintaining after 4-hrs training….

Pratibimb Marriage Bureau : made in php language with real-time database, chat facility

Dnyan-Prabhat Pratishtan : Website made in Joomla, maintained by Samir manchekar …

Rajiv Tambe Dot Com : Website made in WordPress, maintained by Rajiv on his own …

No Nuke Konkan : Website for awareness against Jaitapur Nuclear Project, in WordPress …

Nisarg Picnic : My first website, made in traditional html format ….

My Personal Blog : My blog “My Expressions My Thoughts, in Blogger ….

My personal website : made in wordpress with free templates available online…

My business Website : Clean Joomla template with flash header …

Community Website : Joomla website for community of fabrication-welding professionals…

Under Construction Site : Joomla website with a professional template & a lot of options

Sugava Parivar : Blog throwing light on intercaste movement by Sugava/ AppaRedij …

Intercaste Marriage Blog : made in blogger platform with free templates available online…

How it works :
  • You are requested to visit the above links & see my work / capabilities & decide if you want my services.
  • Call me on 09820236581 and share your plans. There are three different platforms “Joomla”, “WordPress” & “Blogger” to choose from.
  • Refer to me some sample sites you liked and you wish your website should look like.
  • Send me details, programmes, reports, photos (Samples) of your organisations which should appear on this site.
  • I will make some designs for you to choose from. Select the design & inform me.
  • I will complete the basic design & all the functions you will need to display your information. We will buy domain name for your organisation like www.myorganisation.com
  • Then, I will train you for 4-5 hours so that you can start updating the content, adding new content.
  • Within 2 weeks, the website should take its final shape & then onwards, you are the owner of your site.
  • I will provide free e-mail support in case you need help, advice in future.
  • Once you decide, in 2-3 weeks your website will be available on line for whole world to visit.
Call me on +91-9820236581 or send me email on ubagwe@gmail.com


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