November 3, 2007

I had a small dream which got realised today..
Ever since I got opportunity to be part of computer-world, I have been trying many different things. I made a small home-page (spending sleepless nights being on PL)which worked very nicely at HED,L&T homepage.

Then many more things (like my own site, nisargpicnic site, pratibimb intercaste site )till I envisaged a few weeks back that I can contribute to equipment-fabrication society by building a community web-site, an interactive portal for information bank, knowledge resources dedicated to field of equipment fabrication. There is no such portal available on vast internet world. And today, it is ready, it was a single-handed effort.

Today, I am in position to make this portal public with all features available. Articles, forum, chat, news, downloads, photo-gallery & what not !
Next, I have to invite all to pay visit to this portal FabPortal

And, I am sure this cause will be successful, will help all in community a lot.


PRG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PRG said...

Dear Unmesh,
Hearty congratulations for you success in life .You have achieved what you always cherished.
You believe in dare to dream.

My best wishes are always with you.

May god be on your side

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