November 15, 2007

I left L&T, 2 years back on 15-11. It's time to reflect back what I achieved in the last two years.
1. First & foremost thing is the self-realisation. I realised my potentials, my strengths, my market value, the demand of my expertise & my knowledge. I came to know that I am a very practical, knowledgeable person & market appreciates my knowledge.
2. I could build my reputation with knowledge & experience. My expertise in scheduling can fetch reputation to me as expert & also the money.
3. The exposure to the world outside L&T gave me confidence that I can also be a successful enterprenure. I can market my knowledge & experience.
4. I also realised that I wasted a lot of years in L&T working half-heartedly. It would have been better had I left L&T earlier & had this confidence some 3-4 years back.
5. With the development work
(Software development to manage complex activities with priorities with simple MS-Project platform), which was well appreciated by my clients, I came to know the opportunities in Project Management World.
6. I cleared PMP certification in the first attempt & assumed the best qualification-experience combination in my field.
7. The high point of this period was when I realised my mission of creating employment opportunity for Indian welders & fabricators in Italy. With my dedicated efforts & Fabtech's vision, it was achieved in 1 years time after I had started working.
8. I got so much of free time that I developed my web-building skills as hobby (& as part-time income source also). I tried my hands successfully by developing web-forum (for project help, which is now dis-continued), by developing static website, SQL-database based interactive portals for social cause for my organisation. I felt great satisfaction when I launched my portal exclusively for fabrication (tremendous response from allover world) a few days ago. I recently developed two more sites as my social commitment, one matrimonial portal and another impressive site in marathi as a meeting point of all social activists.
9. I also got opportunity to travel to off-shore platform by helicopter.

There are many plans ahead as now I can think with cool head which was never possible when I was in L&T. The world is really competative but fearer outside L&T. I strongly wish the work-culture at L&T, HED changes at the earliest.


Mr.Mandar Salvi said...

Hello Bagwe Sir.
I am grateful to read your blog about L&T.I konw you might be wondering who I am!!
Well I was an inplant trainee under you in your Planning and Scheduling department.
My name is Mandar Salvi. I was there as a requirement of my diploma course from VJTI college.
I still remember the day when you were about to leave the company. You presented every one a book, as a token of appreciation.
I have preserved that book till today. You were an inspiration for students like us. It was a great experience working under you SIR!!
Thanks for your valuable guidance. I wish you the BEST of life ahead!!
Thank You..
Mandar Salvi

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